Executive/Hospital Director

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Location Multiple Countries, United States of America
Date Posted December 27, 2020
Category Administration
Job Type Full Time


CURE is seeking candidates for possible future opportunities as an Executive/Hospital Director at one of its hospitals around the world.  The Executive/Hospital Director maintains overall accountability for the operational, financial, spiritual and clinical health of the hospital, as well as any related programs within the country, and is the primary spokesperson and representative of CURE International, the hospital and specialty programs in the local community and host nation.  The Executive/Hospital Director serves as the primary liaison with CURE Mission Support Center (MSC), the host nation government, and non government entities within the country.  Acting in a strategic and visionary capacity, the Executive/Hospital Director seeks to equip, empower and enforce the hospital management team to execute on the functions assigned to their respective areas.  Additionally, the Executive Director is responsible for creating and cultivating a culture where hospital team members thrive to fulfill CURE's mission, vision and values.

Responsibilities include:

  • In collaboration with the Vice President of Operations, facilitate the strategic and sustainability planning for the hospital.  Lead the hospital team in the execution of the objectives and initiatives coming out of the strategic planning process.
  • Provide oversight to, and directly support and uphold, the Spiritual Director in the execution of the spiritual ministry program in accordance with the CURE Essential Standards for Spiritual Ministry.
  • Provide spiritual leadership to the hospital team in an effort to influence team members to accomplish God's purposes through their work.  Model a commitment to spiritual ministry by leading the team toward a view that their work is worship.
  • Support both nationals and expatriates in the following ways:
    • In conjunction with the Human Resources Manager, facilitate the hiring of all staff necessary to operate the hospital, and ensure adequate orientation and training of all new co-workers.  Empower the Human Resources Manager to work closely with the MSC to establish fair hiring, performance review and compensation policies and procedures.
    • In conjunction with the MSC Human Resources and Global Outreach teams, maintain overall responsibility for the logistics and needs of both short-term and long-term expatriates and visitors to the hospital, in an effort to ensure their personal success and value-add contributions to the hospital.  Empower local team members to execute on the logistical details in this regard.
  • Collaborate with the Vice President of Operations and the MSC Finance team, as well as the Finance Manager, on:
    • Development of the annual consolidated budget for the hospital and its programs.
    • Overall financial management issues.  Overall accountability for all financial transactions and reporting at the hospital.  Preparation and provision of materials for the hospital's independent audit.
    • Overall responsibility for the coordination and management of an effective inventory management system to ensure responsible utilization of resources and monies.
  • Work closely with the MSC Advancement team on support-raising activities related to opportunities for in-country financial and gift-in-kind (GIK) revenue from individuals, businesses, other NGOs and government entities.
  • Maintain overall accountability for the management and maintenance, and ongoing functionality and dependability, of hospital facilities and equipment.  Collaborate with the Operations Manager and Vice President of Operations on these matters.
  • Maintain overall responsibility for the safety and security of patients, families, staff and visitors by developing and implementing safety and security protocols and procedures.
  • Ensure compliance with all local laws.  Monitor changes in the local legal landscape, and ensure that the hospital is prepared for compliance with new laws.  Ensure the ongoing legitimacy of the hospital's legal status in the country in which it is located.
  • Support the clinical operations aspect of the hospital in the following ways:
    • In coordination with the Medical Director, ensure that the hospital maintains compliance with all country medical laws and statutes, as well as with CURE quality and patient care standards.
    • Where appropriate, and in conjunction with the Medical Director and the Vice President of Operations, develop and manage a private medical practice and private pay patients.  Establish policies and procedures to effectively market the for-profit component of the hospital to expatriates and nationals who can afford the full cost of the services rendered.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with governmental and non-governmental agencies, as well as the larger local community.  Develop and maintain memorandums of understanding (MOUs) that define and govern these relationships.
  • Submit written reports of all significant data/activities to the MSC, in accordance with the timelines established by the Vice President of Operations.
  • Perform annual evaluations of the assigned team members, and set annual goals for these team members.
  • Ensure that no practice, activity, decision or organizational circumstance that is unbiblical, unlawful, imprudent, or in violation of commonly accepted business practices or professional ethics, or in violation of the Statement of Faith of CURE, is caused or allowed.
  • Ensure that financial planning for any fiscal year does not deviate materially from CURE's priorities, risk fiscal jeopardy, or fail to be derived from a multi-year plan.
  • Ensure that all CURE assets are appropriately insured and that the hospital is adequately insured for any malpractice lawsuits.
  • Facilitate cross-functional collaboration in the following ways:
    • Facilitate connections between hospital senior management team members and related MSC functional areas to foster collaboration on various efforts and initiatives.

Qualified candidates for this position will possess the following:

  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Management or related field.
  • Minimum of five (5) years of experience managing a multi-disciplinary, medium to large sized team of professionals and non-professionals.
  • Previous experience as an administrator in the healthcare setting strongly preferred.
  • Knowledge of developing country settings and/or previous cross-cultural experience strongly preferred.
  • Ability to assess risk, implement strategy, select people and measure performance.
  • Excellent conflict management and problem solving skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage change for oneself and for others.
  • Demonstrated ability to build and maintain relationships with people who work at all levels in an organization, and who represent a variety of diverse backgrounds.
  • Fluency in English required.  Fluency in one of the local language(s) may also be required depending on the location.
  • Demonstration of a mature Christian faith with a close personal relationship with the Lord as evidenced by a strong prayer life, a commitment to and love for the Word of God, and a call to evangelism.

In addition, all candidates should be familiar with the Statement of Faith, and will be required to agree with the declarations of the Statement of Faith in order to be considered for this position.  

Please click here to read our Statement of Faith.

This is a full-time, paid position that offers a modest salary with a comprehensive benefits package that may include health and life insurance, relocation assistance, retirement, housing, in-country transportation, and annual leave.

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